Super Spacer T-Spacer used on Oslo’s Økern Portal

The 80,000m2 Økern Portal complex, Norway, is reportedly one of the world’s most innovate green buildings. It minimises energy use, waste and pollution, and is made of sustainable materials. The complex contains office spaces, hotels, shops and restaurants.

The Portal’s first two floors feature 3,000m2 of triple glazing, featuring highly translucent, colour-neutral, solar-control glass which is capable of sound insulation of between 32 and 38dB, and offers U-values of 0.6 or below. This was achieved with Edgetech’s Super Spacer T-Spacer Premium.

To achieve a thickness of 55mm for each unit, T-Spacer in widths of 14, 16 or 18mm was used, in conjunction with the automated application line operated by respected Danish glass supplier, Glaseksperten. Jess Gregersen, sales manager of Glaseksperten, said: “T-Spacer is our preferred warm edge for demanding sustainability projects such as the Økern Portal, due to its excellent energy performance. It also helps us ensure extremely precise spacer application, even under high-pressure deadlines.”

The development’s distinctive 14,600m2 façade uses 75% end-of-life aluminium, with a guaranteed carbon footprint of less than 2.3kg of carbon dioxide per 1kg of metal – 84% lower than average. It also features urban gardens and beehives, and running tracks on the roof.