TuffX combines old with new

Glass specialist, TuffX, has supplied 26 panels of 21.5mm toughened glass to St Paul’s Church, Slough.

The installation forms part of a much larger renovation project, which is being led by JBKS Architects – specialists in the restoration and modernisation of churches and houses of worship. The congregation is reported to have raised the majority of the funding needed for the work in an attempt to guarantee the church remains suitable for generations to come.

The oversized, laminated glass is designed to create a more inviting feel to St Pauls, allowing for glimpses into the church interior. Visitors now enter through a ‘vast’ doorway, into a simple reception space filled with natural light. Throughout the rest of the building, intricate notching into the glass has ensured that TuffX’s product could be combined with the existing stone pillars.

TuffX managing director, Graham Price, commented: “It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have provided one of our flagship products to St Paul’s Church, especially given the tremendous efforts made by the congregation to bring their renovation ambitions to life. Churches are places of incredible importance to local communities, so on this occasion we needed the approval of many, not just a few.

“Part of the spec to JBKS Architects was to create space using high quality materials, while maintaining simplicity. Features such as pre-drilled holes and custom shaped cut-outs have fulfilled this requirement, all in a timely manner. Built in 1906, St Paul’s was keen to preserve as much of its architectural heritage as possible, and we feel that our combined industry expertise has achieved precisely that.”