New Year digital checklist

consultancyAs the New Year approaches, digital expert, The Consultancy, a specialist in the window and door industry, is advising companies to carry out their New Year ‘digital checklist’.

1. Website

How often do you visit your own website? Do you have a functioning website? Many companies create a website and then leave it static, thinking it will be sufficient on its own. This is not the case.

Richie Thornton, director of The Consultancy, said: “A website must be constantly maintained and tested for functionality. Everything should be working and new content should be added as and when needed. No one revisits a website which has looked the same for the last five years, regeneration is key.”

2. Analytics

Every website should have access to its analytics page, allowing users to track how people find their site, if their marketing methods are working and if they’re reaching the correct audience.

Richie added: “If your marketing isn’t driving people to your website, you should know about it and you should be acting quickly. You also need to be finding out how people access your website whether it’s through social media, literature or SEO and capitalise on that.”

3. Business Processes

Your business may be successful, but is it running as efficiently as possible?

Breaking down the various systems your customers and staff use and seeing if there’s anything which can be optimised.

,4. Digital Appraisal

If you’re unsure of the above, The Consultancy can carry out a full digital appraisal, finding out what you want from your online systems and how to achieve it.

Richie said: “Many people know there’s a problem but just keep pushing it to the back of the pile. Through a simple chat, we can identify what you’re looking for, carry out a full digital examination and provide you with a set of results and notes for improvement.”

,5. Your customers

Is business increasing for your customers? If your traders are receiving more orders, then you will be too. So why not take a look at their online processes and see if there’s anything you can help with?

If they’re struggling with their online presence and are losing customers because of it, The Consultancy offers many low-cost packages through their sister company The Glazing Vault.

For more information or for any enquiries contact The Consultancy on or call 01429 239 689.

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