Next generation marketing

Veka Group has launched a new marketing portal for Veka and Halo customers and members of Independent Network and the installer programme.

Marketing director, Dawn Stockell, said: “Over the years, our marketing has expanded to include everything from vehicle livery and showroom graphics to bespoke email campaigns, website review and quote facilities, finance solutions and everything in between.

“Customers were delighted when we unveiled our industry-leading, web-to-print portals. These allowed them to sign in and personalise professionally written and designed brochures, adverts and more, at the touch of a button and a fraction of the cost they might have expected. This offering built up over time and each aspect went live as soon as it was ready, which led to more than one username and password being required.

“As Veka introduces each new marketing tool, we want to ensure our customers know how to make the most of it. We want Veka customers and members of Independent Network to thoroughly understand what is available and exactly how to use it. That’s why we decided to overhaul the existing portal system to make it even more useful, streamlined and valuable.

“The ‘next generation’ marketing portal is not only a web-to-print service, it is a fantastic ‘all in one’ online resource of marketing materials which is accessed by a single sign in. Simple as that! No more remembering multiple usernames and passwords. Everything’s in one place and tailored to you.

“Depending on if you are a Veka customer, part of the Veka installer programme or a member of Independent Network, one login can potentially enable you to; order branded workwear and brochures, personalise literature, search a high res image library of products you offer, access digital assets such as web banners and Facebook adverts, manage and store all sales leads and control various elements of your website. Some users can even access templated T&Cs, contracts and more.”