Window story

rahauREHAU has added what it describes as a ‘stylish’ new consumer video to its website to help its Authorised Partners selling into the retail sector.

The five minute video follows the journey of a REHAU Heritage window in cream foil from the extrusion of the profile at REHAU’s Blaenau factory, right through to the finished installation in a genuine homeowner’s property.

According to REHAU, there is no ‘hard sell’ in the video; instead it ‘educates and informs’ the growing number of potential customers who are researching windows online, and is intended as a support tool for customers to use in their own sales presentations, in showrooms or on websites.  They can use the whole video or just selected clips as they choose.

The video uses footage of REHAU’s production, warehouse, quality and testing facilities to ‘reassure’ homeowners about the backing which all REHAU Authorised Partners receive from one of the world’s leading polymer groups.

It also explains the different stages of the fabrication, surveying and installation processes and includes interviews with the homeowner, Mrs Jones, about her experience of choosing REHAU windows and having them installed in her property.

Although the installation is a real one, both the fabricator and the installer are not specifically referenced during the video, meaning that it can be used by any of REHAU’s 380 Authorised Partners as part of their own sales campaigns. And, although if focuses on a REHAU Heritage installation, it emphasises that REHAU has a style and colour of window to suit any type of property.

Irene Smith, REHAU’s marketing communications manager, who was responsible for the production of the video, said: “The video is now available to view on REHAU’s YouTube channel via our consumer website at and is already generating lots of positive response amongst our Authorised Partners.”

Two customers who have already given their feedback are, G-13 Installer of the Year, PJ Plastics and Sedgefield Windows, runners up in this year’s Authorised Partner scheme Fabricator and Installer of the Year competition.

Heidi Farmer at PJ Plastics says that she intends to use clips of the video on the PJ Plastics website at to show customers the backing which her company receives from REHAU.  She also thinks it would be especially useful for customers who don’t have a showroom because it shows the products in such great detail.

Mark Hughes at Sedgefield added: “Even in our showroom, customers like to have something to watch and the story and messages in this video are really valuable for us as a REHAU customer.  We already have the REHAU corporate video on our website at and we’ll definitely be including this alongside it.”

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