Computerised saw adds value

More and more fabricators are reportedly seeing the benefits of investment in Haffner’s TT405 computerised saw.

One such fabricator is West Bromwich’s Turford Brothers and Dave Thomas, managing director of Haffner, says he is seeing a common theme in the companies that are choosing Haffner. “We make their lives a lot easier,” he said. “Not only can we supply all the machinery they need, we can also give them a good market price for their old machinery and take it off their hands. It makes it easy for them to move forward with new technology.”

The TT405 is a double cut saw for PVC-U and aluminium profiles up to 70mm which, according to Haffner, gives it great flexibility. One of the key benefits is its easy to use touch screen technology, which can be operated via USB data control or a network connection. You can pivot the saw heads from 45 to 90º and set up point to point cutting via the computer, eliminating profile tolerance and improving quality.

The machine is simple to set up and makes cutting different styles and profiles much more efficient. That’s because, unlike conventional saws, the TT405 cuts inwards, which means there is no need to program additions or offsets for every type of profile, saving time and money. It also means you only need to set the automatic transom positioner once and all profiles are covered.

It comes equipped with a small cut facility that ensures the profile is automatically cut before being automatically repositioned for its second cut. The minimum cut size is 270mm, with smaller cuts being achievable manually.

Finally, the TT405 has several key safety features, including the double cut facility, two hand operation and automatic guarding.

Like all new Haffner machines, the TT405 comes with a two year parts and labour warranty and finance can be arrange subject to status.

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