Machinery investment

trojanHardware manufacturer, the Trojan Group, has invested in a new Hurco VM10i CNC machining centre as part of its UK manufacturing base expansion programme.

Tony Chadwick, Trojan Group’s managing director, said: “Having researched the market extensively, we have invested in equipment that will bring the greatest number of benefits to our business.”

The Hurco machine has a wealth of features that will enable Trojan to increase production speed and accuracy at its UK manufacturing base. These include the ability to import CAD data and convert it directly into machining cutter paths for prototype products or production tooling, thus removing the need for time-consuming and potentially inaccurate manual data entry. Other functionality improves cosmetic surface finish quality and means minimal post finishing work.

Tony added: “We recognise that our customers are facing constant price pressures in all areas of their business but don’t want to cut corners or reduce quality. By investing in our production facilities we can increase production capacity and improve quality, which helps us to control our costs and helps our customers control their costs in turn.”

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