Quieter working

Emmegi says it has introduced a new solution for customers who want to reduce the noise levels in their factories.

A new thermoplastic acoustic hood is now available as an option on the Emmegi Comet T6, T5 and T4 machines and on the Phantomatic T3A, T3S and T3Star machining centres.

It is available as an alternative to the steel version offered previously and is said to be of ”considerable benefit to the fabricator in terms of cost, performance and practicality”.

The new hood is made from 5mm lightweight and shockproof opaline methacrylate, which is said to be durable enough to withstand the rigours of the factory environment but light enough to be easily assembled by just one person.

The scratch resistant material is frequently used for lighting diffusers so provides a light, airy and virtually transparent machine cover.  It also eliminates the need for additional sound absorbing panels because it is reverberant proof.

The first company to acquire a Comet machining centre with the new acoustic hood is Gloucestershire based Customade Group, which is using the machine for the manufacture of its precision Fineline Aluminium and Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions products.

Group operations director, Nick Gibbons, said: “We have noticed already that the new acoustic hood makes the machine noticeably quieter for our workforce and helps towards creating a better working environment.”


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