£1.4m contract

Sapphire Glass Merchants has won a £1.4 million contract to supply slim, low sightline insulated glass units to Lithuania, using Super Spacer Heritage, manufactured by Edgetech. The Lithuania contract follows another substantial order of 1,500 Super Spacer Heritage units to Compass Windows, in Northern Ireland.


“Due to the significant increase in sales for slim Super Spacer Heritage units, we have now introduced the product to all of our customers and had a fantastic response in sales,” said Stefan O’Meara, director of Sapphire Glass Merchants.

“There is a growing demand for warm edge products that can be used in conservation areas or to achieve a traditional look, and the slim 4mm option from Super Spacer Heritage works really well. The architect for the Lithuania project saw a Super Spacer Heritage installation we had recently finished in Pimlico and specified the product.

“We’ve been customers of Edgetech for five years now using its Super Spacer products and started using the Heritage product two years ago. Working with Edgetech to supply Super Spacer Heritage has helped us to win two key contracts this year and we’re now hoping to expand in the New Year with a second Super Spacer line.”

Alan Fielder, sales and marketing director at Edgetech, said:

“We’re pleased to be supporting a long-standing customer in winning some great contracts.”


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