20% jump in sales

emplasEmplas has reported a 20% jump in sales of inline-sliding doors this calendar year, on the back of increased volume of foiled product sales.

,This compares to lower figures for bi-fold doors, which according to the Northamptonshire based national trade fabricator, remained static in comparison.

,Emplas’ sales and marketing director, Mike Crewdson, said that reliability, coupled with new flexibility delivered by foil and colour choices, gave inline sliding doors ‘new relevance’ in a contemporary market.

,He said: “Bi-fold doors have probably been a slower burner than we expected. It’s in part because of the cost differentials, but also because colour is making inline-sliding doors a viable alternative and a far more cost effective option on contemporary home improvement projects and developments.

,“Installers also like them because there isn’t a lot to go wrong with them. Inline sliding doors are an established technology and that means that they’re almost ‘fit and forget’. Callbacks are rare, especially when compared to bi-fold doors, which are more challenging to install and can also need regular adjustment.

,”It isn’t that bi-fold doors don’t have great potential or aren’t a great product, it’s simply that in general terms we aren’t seeing the volume, at a time when colour is delivering new flexibility to the inline sliding door – something which appears to be striking a chord with the consumer.”

,For more on Emplas, visit www.emplas.co.uk, email info@emplas.co.uk or call 01933 674880.

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