25 years and four new products

edgetechAn exciting range of products ‘for the manufacture and installation of value added windows’ has been launched, in Manchester, to mark warm edge technology supplier Edgetech’s 25th anniversary.

,Following the additions of TruPlas and TruPlas SDL to its portfolio earlier this year, Edgetech can now offer four more products – Super Spacer Alpha, TruFit, TruSieve and TruShield – which are designed to ‘create new opportunities for IGU manufacturers, fabricators and installers’.

,“These new products are designed to support customers and dealers, enabling them to differentiate themselves with next generation, high performance products,” said Andy Jones, managing director of Edgetech UK.

,At the launch, official thermal test results for Super Spacer Alpha were revealed as 0.13W/m2K, reportedly making it the best performing warm edge spacer in the world.

,Edgetech also launched TruFit, an expanding tape that ‘perfectly seals around the frame to the brickwork’ making the complete window installation energy efficient and weathertight. TruFit is said to reduce heat loss by up to 23% at the edge of the frame and save up to 20% fitting time, making it ‘cost effective for both homeowners and installers’. During the product presentation, there was also a live demonstration to show how fast, easy and clean TruFit is to install.

,TruSieve desiccant was the third product addition. It aims to give IGU manufacturers a ‘reliable and superior’ quality desiccant with high adsorption capacity, keeping the unit free from moisture.

,The final product was TruShield, a high quality coating that bonds to glass and makes it easy to clean. According to Edgetech, TruShield doesn’t depend on specific environmental conditions and will work in all locations, including north-facing windows as well as those in the sun, so the benefits will be seen even on shaded glass.

,The product launch was part of the silver jubilee celebrations as Edgetech celebrates its 25th anniversary on 1 December 2014. Joined by long-standing customers, suppliers and press, Edgetech’s guests enjoyed spectacular views of the Manchester skyline from the rooftop of Great John Street Hotel.

,Guest and longstanding customer, Adrian Barraclough, Quickslide’s CEO, added: “It’s evident that Edgetech is in business for the long term and it’s very comforting to have a partner company who is at the top of their game and continuously looking for ways to improve our industry efficiencies.”

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