425 years of service

A total of 17 staff from Ultraframe have recently been presented with long service awards to celebrate 25 years of service. The staff, who work in departments from right across the business, will be displayed in a long service ‘hall of fame’ in the reception of the Clitheroe-based company.

Commenting on the long service awards, Ultraframe CEO, Julian Slade, said: “Our success is entirely due to our people. We are lucky to have so many talented and thoroughly nice people, who have dedicated their careers to Ultraframe and to providing such an excellent service to our customers. The combined length of service from these 17 members of staff is an impressive 425 years. During that time, they have helped to shape and steer Ultraframe into the progressive company it is today through their work in departments across the business including R&D, accounts, supply chain, customer first and various production departments such as ‘built up roofs’ and the fabrication shop.

“We always aim to develop our people and try our very best to live our values and create an environment where people can fully contribute and flourish. I’m proud of the positive workplace our staff create and would like to congratulate each of the 17 staff with 25 years’ service once again for their hard work and dedication over the years. I’m also looking forward to adding to the hall of fame with the 31 employees who are hot on their heels with over 20 years experience.”

Mick Rowley, head of fabricator and trade intermediary sales, has worked at Ultraframe for 26 years and was one of the 17 to receive a long service award recently. He said: “Every day at Ultraframe brings a new challenge and with it new opportunities. In 26 years at Ultraframe, I have never felt as though I’ve been stood still, having undertaken many different roles through my time here, from shop floor fabricator to head of sales. This journey has been wonderful for me personally as I like to be challenged and embrace change. Ultraframe is all about innovation, improvement, and service; so it’s a great feeling to be part of this amazing team working with fantastic customers. Together we really do make something quite special. The next few years are set to be even more exciting for Ultraframe and our customer network, which is creating quite a buzz.”