90% struggle to find good-looking hardware

sfsA new survey conducted by hinge manufacturer, SFS intec, has revealed that the industry is ‘not meeting the required demand for aesthetic solutions’.

The new Pivotal Points report examines the perceptions of installers, fabricators and specifiers to determine the drivers behind specification decisions. Focusing on the affects of aesthetics in this first report of the series, results showed that 90% of specifiers do not find it easy to source manufacturers that put enough focus on aesthetics within their portfolios.

Nigel Wood, business development manager at SFS intec, commented: “Specifiers have revealed that the availability of aesthetic hardware products is surprisingly poor, at a time when a high percentage of fabricators, specifiers and installers desire them. This is supported by the statistics found in our industry report, which stated that 50-100% of all projects are now driven by aesthetics. So while 80% of the fenestration industry once specified white doors and windows, this is now rapidly changing. The demand for cutting-edge designs and advanced colours is increasing, and so is the specification for colour-matched hardware.

,”Changes in consumer taste are impacting all stages of the supply chain; people want more choice, with colour becoming a key selling point. The industry needs to act now to ensure supply meets demand, perhaps by working with specifiers to identify the key metrics for success.”

This developing trend has not only highlighted the increased aesthetic demand, but how this is to be catered for whilst maintaining a high level of quality and performance.

Nigel added: “We can’t get wrapped up solely in aesthetics; the functionality of products such as hinges must not be compromised. We now know how influential aesthetics are within our industry, but must ensure that products continue to perform to a high standard for the long-term.”

The aesthetics report is the first to be launched from SFS intec’s series of industry reports this year.

For more information on SFS intec’s Pivotal Points report, please call 0113 2085 535 or email uk.leeds@sfsintec.biz.

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