Can you help to change the Bill?

ggf rightsThe Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) is calling on the industry to provide examples of ‘consumer(s) successfully rejecting all the windows/doors under a contract without any reasonable justification’, as part of its proposal to amend the Consumer Rights Bill and protect window and door companies from the ‘abuse’ of the ‘right to reject’ concept.

Under the new Consumer Rights Bill, if a product is found to be faulty, for example, within a new installation of several windows, the consumer will have the right to reject all the windows for a fault on just one, within a default 30 days, and get a full refund. As a result, the GGF is concerned that there will be ‘an increase in consumers rejecting all the newly installed windows in the house to get free windows, or use it as a lever to get money off their bill’.

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) currently believes that consumers should ‘retain their longstanding right to reject all the goods under a contract where only some are faulty, which protects consumers who have lost all confidence in the goods’, (for example, because the faults presenting in some of the windows were suggestive of generally ‘shoddy’ workmanship).

The GGF, however, believes that this current position is ‘unreasonable and damaging to traders’, leaving them vulnerable to ‘vexatious consumers’. As a result, it has proposed to BIS that there should be an amendment to the Bill so that the consumer may only reject that part of the product, or the faulty product itself, and not the remaining non-faulty products. The federation believes that there is, in practice, ‘a significant level of abuse of the right to reject by consumers’ and is calling on window and door companies to ‘provide evidence of consumers successfully rejecting all of the goods under a contract, without any reasonable justification and on a significant scale’.

If you have any examples of such, please email the details and a description of what happened to Brian Smith, GGF director of Home Improvement, at

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