CDW Systems to trial Technal Soleal Next aluminium window

The team at CDW Systems, a specialist aluminium fabricator, is to trial the Technal Soleal Next 65mm aluminium window, with the intention of adding the product to its comprehensive range.

“Part of the Hydro Group, a global leader in aluminium solutions, Technal’s Soleal Next represents a significant advancement in window design and technology,” explained CDW Systems’ representative. “Its sleek and contemporary appearance combined with outstanding performance characteristics sets it apart as the perfect solution for modern architectural projects.

“The stylish window’s visible structure is balanced between the fixed frame and the opening vent, and it has a range of five different frame options and four vent designs, for a modern, contemporary aesthetic. Larger dimensions are available, with a height of up to 3m for larger glazed expanses.

“The window’s thermal break technology and high-quality insulation materials contribute to a U-value up to 0.71 W/m²K for enhanced thermal efficiency, while its construction effectively minimises outside noise, with an acoustic Rw performance up to 47dB.”

Jeremy Phillips, CDW Systems’ group chair, added: “We are thrilled to have lined up training for the Soleal Next 65mm aluminium window, to be prepared for what’s coming in 2025. We don’t know exactly what 2025 is going to bring but Hydro is at the forefront of getting ready early.

“Its enhanced design and performance makes it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. We are finding it is being specified on commercial projects, and there is interest from our customers in it. It reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, and we are looking forward to being able to offer it out to customers and seeing what they think.”

The Soleal Next Window is also marketed as a much greener option. Extruded with Hydro Circal aluminium, it is made with at least 75% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle, reducing its environmental impact. The Gloucester-based CDW team, which part of the East Manor Group, has reported that is continuously looking to strengthen its green credentials.

Jeremy added: “As an aluminium fabricator committed to sustainability, we already work with Hydro, fabricating its Circal brand. The Soleal Next Window will be an exciting addition for our customers in more ways than one.” For more information about CDW Systems, visit the firm’s website.

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