Certass reports seminar success

The Certass team has reported success after hosting the first of the company’s series of seminars last Friday (1 December). The inaugural online seminar, titled ‘Navigating the Building Safety Act’, featured Jon Vanstone, chair of the Industry Competence Committee (ICC) from HSE’s Building Safety Regulator (BSR).

“The feedback from attendees has been exceptional,” said Certass’ representative. “We recorded 100% attentiveness, an impressive score of 98 for interest, and received several follow up emails from attendees expressing thanks for the unique facts, interpretation and insights. This emphasises the genuine industry interest in understanding the implications of the Building Safety Act.”

Covering essential topics such as an introduction to the Building Safety Act, the role of statutory committees, the implications for the glazing industry, and enforcement measures, the seminar showcased Certass’ commitment to setting the industry standard surrounding information-sharing culture, and collaboration throughout the sector.

“What makes this series truly unique is that it is the first of its kind in our sector by using a known figure who is the sole person in our industry connected with the BSR,” the rep continued. “This exclusively positions the seminar programme to provide detailed and unprecedented information, setting a new benchmark for industry knowledge sharing.”

In addition to the seminar success, the Certass team has highlighted its collaborative efforts with other industry trade bodies. “Industry-wide collaboration ensures a unified and informed approach based on fact,” they added, “We believe in elevating industry standards collectively, and bolstering the culture surrounding information sharing.

“In this spirit, and for anyone who missed the initial seminar, we will be publishing key seminar information via social media channels over the next few weeks. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram to stay informed.”

Further informative sessions are planned for the new year. Read more about the business here.

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