Conservatory demand in Japan

pioneerChelmsford based trade fabricator, Pioneer Trading, reports that its export sales of conservatories have climbed to a ‘record high’.

,Exports to mainland Europe and Japan have doubled, with the ‘Japanese love of all things English striking a strong chord’ with homeowners, according to Pioneer, which claims that ‘English conservatories’ now popping up in increasing numbers in Tokyo and other Japanese suburbs.

,Bruce Williams, the company’s international business manager, recently returned from a trip to Japan where he worked with a principle importer to train staff and assist at a large home improvement show: “Japanese homeowners are falling in love with what they see as a quintessentially English home accessory – the conservatory.

,“We have produced some special designs aimed at the Japanese market that incorporate a number of features which have proved to be very popular with the Japanese public. I witnessed the response personally at a recent Tokyo home improvements show that I worked at with our distributor and it was quite amazing.

,“After an extensive training programme for their staff, sales will grow even faster, especially now that the distributor has seen the potential of conservatories amongst Japanese homeowners.”

,European sales have also climbed impressively, according to Bruce: “Demand in northern Europe has been strong for some time but now we are seeing interest from southern Europe, with recent enquiries from countries such as Italy. We have exported as many conservatories so far this year that we did for the whole of last year,” he reported.

,The company says it has developed a system of palleting conservatories that optimises space, substantially reducing the cost of transport whilst still protecting key components such as glass: “Our method of palleting has reduced transport costs so much, it is now possible for anybody to enjoy the benefits of owning a traditional English conservatory, despite the strength of sterling,” said Bruce.

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