Conservatory Outlet increases Envisage window sales by 125%

The team at Conservatory Outlet has increased sales of the business’ trademark collection of Envisage flush casement windows by 125%. Conservatory Outlet is a UK-based fabricator of windows, doors and specialist home improvement products.

“Designed to replicate the look of traditional timber windows, Envisage windows are known for their sleek appearance, exceptional thermal performance and durability,” said Conservatory Outlet’s representative, “Conservatory Outlet offers its Envisage windows with welded or mechanical timber-style joints, a key differential over other comparative systems.”

Greg Kane, Conservatory Outlet’s CEO, added: “A year ago, Envisage flush casement windows made up around 8% of our total sales. After strong trading throughout 2023, that split stands at 18% of sales, an increase of 125%.

“We have seen a substantial uptick in orders of our Envisage flush casement windows, especially options with timber-style mechanical joints. When people want to improve their homes, it is clear they care just as much about the style and design of their windows as their performance and security.

“The Envisage window provides the best of both worlds. It combines the strength and energy efficiency associated with PVC-U windows and the classic, clean look and feel of traditional wooden frames.”

Conservatory Outlet’s representative continued: “The Envisage flush casement window boasts simple, clean lines, authentic proportions and opening lights that do not stand proud of the frame. The system also provides exceptional performance, security and insulation demands required by today’s market.”

Capable of achieving a WER of A+ and U-value of 1.2, the Envisage collection is also Secured by Design-accredited and is available in a range of traditional and contemporary colours, including a colourway exclusive to Conservatory Outlet, Olive Grey.

“Conservatory Outlet is showing continuous year-on-year growth,” the business’ representative added. “Much of this success is due to our exclusive product portfolio and the close level of support that we provide our network of premium retailers around the UK.”

Mick Giscombe, Conservatory Outlet’s managing director, added: “Heritage-style products are extremely popular at the moment. The Envisage flush casement window caters to this market, offering a high-quality flush finish, distinctive design options and a stunning collection of colours and hardware styles.

“We always aim to provide our customers with innovative solutions to meet market demands. The Envisage window, which Conservatory Outlet launched in 2017 and has seen continuous advancements over the years, has proved to be a fantastic product for retailers, installers and homeowners alike.”

More information and updates about Conservatory Outlet can be found on the company’s website and LinkedIn page. For more information about the Envisage Collection, click here.

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