Cube Glass reports £4.5m turnover

Cube Glass
Gary Thorn, founder and managing director of Cube Glass

Cube Glass reported that it has pushed its turnover to a record £4.5m in the year to October 2023, up from £3.25m the previous year. The company said that it now hopes to consolidate future revenues in the region of this level.

The Scottish glass and aluminium specialist stated the main driver of the exceptional growth in 2022/23 was a large contract for screens for flats and retail units on a massive community benefit programme.

Cube Glass also said that it is also steadily introducing new and international products with a view to maintaining its value to the market.

Gary Thorn, founder and managing director of Cube Glass, said: “Last year was probably the most exceptional year for Cube Glass since the company was established 20 years ago, driven by new levels in contract size.

“But, while our main competitors concentrate almost exclusively on commercial deals, we also have a strong pipeline of residential work and we are building strong relationships with smaller, high-end architectural practices which specialise in this field.

“In domestic work, there is a significant move towards slimmer sightlines and doors with bigger panels and more glass – a trend which is being led by the international partners with whom we now regularly interact.

“Some larger competitors are essentially running production lines, but we now have so much experience and expertise in the factory, in project management and especially in design that we can contemplate more challenging individual projects.

“The flexibility and experience of the fabrication teams is also quite unique, in that they can turn their hands to anything and are happy to undertake challenging work from which other, larger manufacturers might shy away.”

Gary also said that the company’s aim for 2023/24 was to maintain market share, improve quality and spread the word about its capabilities and ambitions. It is also supporting three local football teams as well as sponsorship of Ladies’ Night at Hamilton Park.

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