Design & Supply invests in machining option from Emmegi (UK)

Design & Supply

Design & Supply, an industrial door specialist, has invested in Emmegi (UK)’s Phantomatic T3 Star machining centre.

Design & Supply has replaced a mix of manual milling and drilling machines with the Emmegi 4-axis Phantomatic, having seen the CNC machine in action both in Germany at one of their steel profile partners and at a similar sized UK-based steel door fabricator.

Scott Davies, Design & Supply’s director, said: “From the initial enquiry all the way to the final installation, Emmegi (UK) filled us with confidence that they were the right choice for this investment. The other users we spoke to were very positive about the machine’s capabilities and the potential ROI. We also liked the fact that it could so easily be linked with our LogiKal processing software and give us even better value from that as well.

“The biggest drivers behind the machinery investment were the need to expand capacity and optimise efficiency, and we have really appreciated the input from the Emmegi (UK) team on how best to deploy the machine in order to achieve that.

“They have helped us with everything from how to manage cutting lists to how to utilise Emmegi’s own CAMPlus 3D software, and have provided really useful ongoing training.”

The Phantomatic T3 Star can machine from any angle from -90° to + 90° and on steel sections up to 3mm. It comes with automatically positioned clamps and has been supplied to Design & Supply with a 4 piece tool magazine. The company now plans to add Emmegi’s specialist Twin Ferro steel saw to run alongside the Phantomatic T3 Star and automate its production still further.

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