DHF to hold two accredited CPD webinars


The Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) is to host two accredited continuing professional development (CPD) webinars in August, for free: on force limitation and non-contact presence detection. The training is for members and is set to take place online on 10 and 24 August 2023. The DHF became a member of the CPD certification service on 1 March 2023.

The force limitation webinar is to explain how to assess force limitation on industrial and garage doors, powered gates and traffic barriers under EN 12453. The webinar is to also include what safe force and time limits apply in a range of hazard locations, how to test at the main closing edges and how to verify safe force at hazards that cannot be easily or safely measured directly to achieve legal compliance.

The non-contact presence detection webinar covers one of three ways in which powered doors, gates and barriers can be prevented from injuring people, and how compliance with EN 12453 can be achieved. It is also designed to explain how to assess non-contact presence detection on industrial and garage doors, powered gates and traffic barriers under EN 12453.

The webinar is also expected to enable delegates to understand what non-contact presence detection is, how non-contact presence can be used to prevent powered doors, gates and barriers harming people, and how to test for compliance in a range of hazard locations.

“DHF continues to stress the importance of a competent workforce and that the correct training is sourced, including increasing knowledge on important topics like those covered in our webinars,” said Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens, the DHF’s commercial director.

“Our CPD-accredited webinars offer information on topics that enable staff to understand how these safety elements can be used to ensure doors, gates or traffic barriers are safe. We are delighted to be able to provide these for our members.”

The learning value and practicality of each of the DHF’s CPD webinars has been examined thoroughly to ensure that they are of high quality and comply with CPD requirements, according to DHF’s representatives.

The webinars are to be delivered online via Teams and last around an hour and a half, including time for a question and answer session. The training can also be delivered at members’ open days, face-to-face, upon request.

The webinars are aimed at installation and maintenance engineers of industrial and garage doors, powered gates and traffic barriers, as well as managers of installation and maintenance engineers, business owners of installation and maintenance companies, facilities managers and retail landlords/managers with responsibility for maintenance teams, according to the DHF’s representative.

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