Do you feel the need for speed?

Edgeteh Top GunAs part of its 25 year celebrations, Edgetech UK is giving the industry’s Super Spacer applicators their dream shot!

Can you beat Edgetech’s longest serving technical engineer, Karl Jones, to be ‘Top Gun’? Or, the company asks, ‘is your ego writing cheques your body can’t cash’?

Putting quotes from the 1980s film aside, the Top Gun competition to find the fastest Super Spacer applicator in the UK was launched on Edgetech’s stand at the FIT Show 2014. Karl set the benchmark for the competition, at just 34 seconds to make a sealed unit.

,Anyone wishing to challenge Karl’s Top Gun crown can enter the competition by contacting Edgetech. The best Super Spacer applicators will get their shot at the live final, going head to head with Karl at Edgetech UK’s HQ in Coventry.

The winner will be crowned ‘Top Gun’ and receive £500 in gift vouchers for themselves and £500 credit with Edgetech for their company. Customers will be kept up to date with Top Gun contenders close to beating Karl’s time, with a regular leader board.

Managing director, Andy Jones, said: “This year marks our 25th anniversary, so we wanted to launch a competition that was a bit of fun for customers and give them a chance to win some prizes. We’re looking forward to getting as many entries as possible and giving Karl some healthy competition.”

To enter the Super Spacer Top Gun competition, call 08700 566844.

For more information on Edgetech’s IG Solutions visit

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