DoorCo launches wellbeing calendar

Doorco wellbeing calendar

After its ‘Health & Wellbeing’ win at the North Cheshire Business Awards in November 2023, DoorCo has launched a wellbeing calendar.

Dek Wright, DoorCo’s HR manager, said: “Our new wellbeing campaign comes in the form of a calendar of wellbeing themes, a different one for every month. We’ve tied in each of our monthly themes with relevant national awareness days and weeks to make the calendar as topical as possible.

“The themes vary from Stress Awareness to individual male and female health months. We have key focuses on both physical and mental health, alternating between the two throughout the year.

“The aim is to launch different education and activations every month via our internal comms channels and within our offices to get all members of the team involved.

“One of the great things about the new wellbeing campaign is that it’s being run by multiple departments. We pride ourselves on collaborating throughout the business as much as possible, so to be running a new internal initiative that requires support from HR, Marketing and Health & Safety, is an exciting opportunity.

“The three departments have worked together to create the programme of activities and will collaborate further on executing them. From leading workshop sessions to creating visual assets for our internal comms system and screens, it’s great to be working closely together to bring this to life.

“The purpose of running this campaign is simple – we want to create positive change in the wellbeing of our employees.

“As a family run business, we truly value each individual who dedicates their career to the growth of DoorCo, so it’s only natural that in return, we want to prioritise their physical and mental wellbeing.

“We hope the increased education and awareness around key areas of health and wellbeing will allow our colleagues to become more aware of the benefits.

“The wellbeing calendar was launched with Heart Month in February, supporting the campaign being run by British Heart Foundation.

“British Heart Foundation is a charity that is very important to us as a business, so it felt perfect to launch this campaign in February with the first theme being to ‘Go Red for Heart Month’, in support of the wider campaign the charity is running.

“As well as hosting CPR and Heart Health information on all of our internal screens and having a custom ‘heart door’ made for reception to start conversation on the topic with visitors, we also hosted a ‘Big Red Bake Off’ and coffee morning to raise funds.

“Our teams love a competition and a bake off is always a great way to raise money, so we were really pleased to be able to donate £120 to the charity.”

“March marks ‘female health month’ in the DoorCo wellbeing calendar in light of International Women’s Day and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and we have various events planned for the month. The themes will continue on a similar path until the end of the year and we’re looking forward to having some fun whilst raising awareness and support for important charities and educating our teams at the same time.”

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