Edgetech celebrates 15 years of UK manufacturing

Chris Alderson, Edgetech's managing director

Edgetech, a Quanex company, is celebrating the 15th anniversary of opening its first UK manufacturing facility. In 2007, the company invested £2.5m to create the Coventry site that still serves as Edgetech’s main UK headquarters today. By 2011, Edgetech’s growth had caught the eye of the Quanex corporation, which acquired the firm.

Charlotte Hawkes, Edgetech’s head of marketing and CX, said: “Five years ago, marking our 10th anniversary of manufacturing in the UK, we invited longstanding customers and friends from right around the industry to an event to celebrate. Honestly, that feels just like yesterday. But in the 5 years since, we’ve come such a long way.

“We’ve continued to develop even more innovative and efficient spacer solutions, transformed the way we deal with our customers with new initiatives like e-commerce, and taken strides to make the business more community-focused and committed to sustainability, ethical conduct and supporting worthy causes. Later this year, we’re hoping to do something to mark this latest key milestone, so keep an eye out for more information in the weeks ahead!”