Emplas launches new approved installer scheme

Emplas has launched a new approved installer scheme, which it says offers ‘wide-ranging’ lead generation and sales support, plus plug-in-and-play digital retail sales tools.

Part of the trade-specialists customer service and support offer, qualifying members of the scheme get access to dedicated lead generation, including network listing; real-time lead distribution; automated customer response and real time reporting.

They can also access a free retail window and door configurator website plug-in, allowing homeowners to develop a visual representation of their new windows and doors and see them in different colour options.

Emplas approved installers can also upload a 360 ‘own-label’ virtual tour of Emplas state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, plus dedicated consumer product showcase videos.

The comprehensive support package also includes showroom support and sales materials and literature, branded product brochures, technical guides, downloads and product image bank.

Customers can also access website and SEO support through digital specialist, ICAAL, as an approved Emplas partner.

Ryan Johnson, managing director, said: “Retail lead generation is tough. Our customer support strategy is twofold. We’re generating retail leads direct for our customers but we’re also making tools and resource available to them to support their own campaigns.

“This includes a retail window and door configurator, which can be uploaded to their website and allows consumers in effect to build their own window or door and try out different colour options, plus access to print and other retail collateral that we’ve trialled and developed within our own retail business.

“It’s a short-cut – and far lower cost route – to an effective retail marketing campaign.”

Retail support can be accessed by Emplas approved installers through their EVA login, or via their dedicated customer support assistant.

The launch comes after a recent call by Emplas for installers with experience in, or the ability to enter, the commercial sector. It was made after the trade sector specialist became ‘inundated’ with leads from housebuilders.

“We’re continuing to see exceptional demand from new build,” continued Ryan, “and we’re still very keen to speak to installers with new build and commercial installation experience, or with the infrastructure to enter the market for the first time, including experience in Window Designer.”

Emplas has invested more than £5m investment programme on its shop floor since 2017, giving it increased capacity but also flexibility with two fully automated window lines and with 90% of products going through just two Rotox 8-head welders. This brings Emplas’ weekly capacity up to 3,200 frames across two shifts.

“We’ve got the infrastructure right and we have capacity to grow and grow sustainably,” Ryan said. “This brings our focus very much back to customer support, particularly lead generation – across sectors.

“We’re making tools available to members of the new approved installer network, without any complex tie-ins or commitments. Simply that they share our values and commitment quality and customer service.”