Feel the quality

Force 8 recently launched a new initiative, ‘Come and feel the quality’, which gives prospective customers the chance to inspect the quality and workmanship of Force 8 doors and frames. According to Force 8, most companies cannot spare the time to visit a showroom to see the products on display, but with the Force 8 initiative, the products will come to you.

“We have been very pleased with the response we have had to this initiative,”commented Dennis Sumner, Force 8 managing director.

“These are products that are on their way to be fitted, so [prospective customers] can see exactly what they are going to get.

“All our delivery vehicles are fitted with tracking and satellite systems, so making detours to prospective customers can be easily factored into the journey times, without disruption.

“It will give prospective customers the chance to inspect first hand our unique no-weld profile bending system, which means an arched door frame is one single length of profile, therefore improving the strength and quality of the finish.”

There is the added bonus that all Force 8 products come with full CE marked accreditation, as they are all supplied by one manufacturer. Since June 2013 all window and door systems have to carry the correct CE marking in line with European law.

If you would like to arrange a time to view and inspect the quality of Force 8 products, please call 0161 483 1997, or e-mail dennis@force8.co.uk

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