From passive screen to revenue stream

Kommerling has worked in partnership with South Korean based G-SMATT Global Co to develop G-SmattGlass – thought to be the world’s first ever electronic building material capable of turning buildings into media screens that provide ‘architainment’ (architectural entertainment).

Chris Davis from Kommerling said:

“When used on a large scale as an active media facade on buildings, this glass has a jaw dropping effect that delivers a real ‘wow’ factor. It will turn the building into an instant landmark and a point of focus. Not only suitable as a media facade, G-Glass is also appropriate for all kinds of architectural applications including windows, curtain wall, partitions, balustrades, floors, interior design, escalators, in short wherever flat glass is used.”

Kommerling has used its expertise in architectural grade sealants and adhesives to help develop this product, which also reportedly boasts low electricity consumption and good insulation qualities.  

Chris Davis continued:

“It has the potential to turn a passive, thermally insulating screen into a revenue stream.”

Development work started in April 2013 and has taken place in G-SMATT’s facilities in South Korea and Kommerling’s own research and development facilities in Pirmasens, Germany. The ‘secret’ behind this product is reportedly stripping a metalised coating to facilitate the correct mapping that co-ordinates and synchronises the power and programmes.

“The market for G-Glass is rapidly expanding and has already been successfully installed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Shanghai) and Gangnam Finance Center (Seoul). It is now being specified for the designs of numerous landmark architectural projects across the world,” commented Sewon Hwang, from G-SMATT.

Click on the following link to see a selection of videos showing the glass in use


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