GDHIF returns!

gdhifMore people will get help to improve the energy efficiency of their homes through a new release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF).

,From 9am tomorrow (Wednesday 10 December), the scheme will open to new applications, with up to £5,600 available to households in England and Wales to help with the cost of installing energy saving measures such as solid wall insulation, double glazing, boilers, cavity wall and floor insulation.

,Up to £30 million in vouchers will be available and details of further releases will be announced on a quarterly basis with the next release expected in February 2015. This is part of the additional £100 million for household energy efficiency measures announced in October 2014 which is in addition to the £450 million already allocated to household energy efficiency over 2014 – 17.

,The £30 million will be split into two categories: Up to £24 million for solid wall insulation and up to £6 million for two measures from a list of home improvements available under the scheme.

Once the funding under each category has been committed, no more applications will be taken for that category – though applications will still be taken for the other category if funds are still available.

,Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, said: “The best way people can cut their energy bills, this winter and every winter, is to improve their homes so that they leak less heat and use less energy. That’s why we’ve increased the funding available for the Green Deal to help even more people start saving money sooner.”

Energy and Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd said: “We’ve already taken £50 off energy bills this year, and have forced energy companies to make things simpler and easier for bill payers, but we know that the best way for households to cut their bills is to use less energy.

“More than three quarters of a million homes have already had energy saving improvements installed as a result of the Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal. It makes sense to go even further to help more families install measures so that they see the benefits of lower bills and a warmer home for years to come.”

Householders will be able to receive GDHIF funding for solid wall insulation and/or any two of the following energy savings improvements:

–  Cavity wall insulation
,-   Condensing mains gas boiler
,-   Secondary glazing
,-   Double/triple glazing (replacement single glazing)
,-  Flat roof insulation
,-  Replacement warm air unit
,-  Fan-assisted storage heaters
,-  Energy efficient replacement doors
,-  Floor insulation
,-  Room-in-roof insulation
,- Waste water heat recovery

For more information about how to apply to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund people can visit

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