Get recognised with Corgi Fenestration card

Corgi Fenestration has announced that all glazing sector staff that already carry, or are setting out to achieve, a Glass Qualifications Authority (GQA) recognised glazing NVQ can also now become Corgi Fenestration carded.

According to Corgi, it is not an extra qualification or test, it is purely recognition of ‘the best qualifications available’ – that glazing sector workers can show homeowners and employers through a personal card branded with ‘the most recognised name in the home improvement and construction sectors’.

Corgi Fenestration also recognises GQA approved in-house training courses – and staff who have completed these can also carry a Corgi Fenestration skills card – as well as trainees and experienced workers who need a temporary card.

All Corgi Fenestration carded employees qualified through a Corgi Fenestration approved centre will automatically be listed on a ‘skills register’. This allows the card to be read by a smart phone to reveal full details of qualifications held and updated with continuing professional development. The Corgi Fenestration skills card is part of the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) scheme.

Chris Mayne, Corgi Fenestration CEO, commented: “There is a bewildering number of qualifications and card schemes in our industry. Some of them are not worth the paper (or plastic) they are printed on. Some could be described as giving employers and homeowners false expectations as to the expertise of workers in their premises. Corgi Fenestration wants to change all that by recognising the best qualifications available. Corgi Fenestration is all about trust, reliability, expertise, quality and best practice – not the lowest common denominator.”