GGF Brexit Readiness Campaign

Steve Rice, GGF managing director
Steve Rice, GGF managing director

Following a recent £50,000 grant from Government to help companies through Brexit, the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) says that its Brexit Readiness Campaign is now well underway with; the launch of the new GGF Brexit Hub, production of a new guidance brochure and implementation of digital marketing that includes social media and search engine marketing.

James Lee, GGF director of external affairs, commented: “With so many changes continuing to happen in the entire Brexit saga, it’s been difficult to keep track of events as they seem to change almost by the hour at times. There now seems to be a direction and timeframe for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. With the Government funding, the GGF has put in place new digital platforms and communication channels to inform the industry on the changes that will affect our industry.”

New Brexit Hub
The new Brexit Hub has been launched on the GGF website. This is entirely free to visit for both GGF members and non-members alike, with no log-ins required.

The Brexit Hub consists of key information, expert opinions, potential scenarios and the latest news on the issues affecting the industry, as and when the UK exits the European Union.

Visit the new Brexit Hub:

Brexit awareness brochure
The GGF has produced a 16-page Brexit information and guidance brochure which it says is being distributed to thousands of companies in the industry.

Continuing to inform the industry
As the GGF receives relevant information from its experts in technical meetings and standards organisations as well as from government departments, the federation says it will cascade information in the following ways:

  • Breaking news via the GGF Members First newsletter
  • Via content updates uploaded onto the GGF Brexit Hub and GGF news pages
  • Information and discussions at GGF regional meetings (over 30 per year across the UK) and at specialist technical group meetings (approximately 60 per year)
  • Via social media and links back to the new content on the GGF Brexit Hub
  • Via the trade media with regular press releases on any changes

Steve Rice (pictured), GGF managing director, commented: “Though Brexit may happen in the next few months, the implications of the withdrawal from the EU and further changes, are likely to continue for a far longer period. The GGF is doing its utmost to help our industry through this significant period of change in the trading environment. Our technical experts are involved in regular discussions with standards committees and Government departments to ensure companies are given the best possible advice. We advise all companies to use our new Brexit Hub which will be updated as changes happen, as and when the UK leaves the European Union.”