GGF’s GDHIF ‘frustration’

ggfFollowing the recent announcement that more people will get help to improve the energy efficiency of their homes through a new release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) says it is ‘frustrated’ that glazing is still not high on the agenda, with the government only offering incentives for replacing single glazed windows.

From 9am, Wednesday 10 December, the scheme re-opened to new applications, with up to £5,600 available to households in England and Wales to help with the cost of installing energy saving measures, such as upgrading single glazed windows to double, but the GGF feels double glazing that does not meet modern energy efficiency standards should be eligible for an upgrade under the scheme too.

Nigel Rees, GGF Group chief executive, said: “Once again, the government has not addressed the issue of offering genuine incentives for homeowners to make their properties energy efficient through installing energy efficient windows. Up to 23% of heat can escape from inefficient windows and approximately 80% of homes do not have energy efficient windows up to current modern standards. Though it is good that the government is increasing the fund, it is frustrating that they are only offering incentives for replacing single glazed windows, when it should be all windows that are not energy efficient.”

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