Girls plump for energy saving glazing

estNew research tapping into the public’s energy saving attitudes and behaviours has identified a divide between the genders, with most women surveyed (22%) opting for double glazing as their number one energy saving measure for the home. In contrast, most of the men surveyed (28%) would prefer to install domestic renewables, such as solar panels.

,Overall, home renewables were considered to be the ‘ideal’ energy efficiency improvement if money and hassle were no object.

,The findings, revealed by the Energy Saving Trust in the first of a series of public opinion trackers known as the UK Pulse, an Ipsos MORI survey of more than 2,000 UK respondents, show nearly half of householders (44%) claim to live in homes with draught problems. 38% experience condensation problems and 29% suffer the scourge of mould. All three issues were reportedly even higher among renters.

,However, homeowners with these problems are the most likely to be taking action with nearly a quarter of homeowners (24%) living in draughty homes planning to install energy efficiency upgrades in the next year, compared with 12% of homeowners overall.

,David Weatherall, energy efficiency expert, Energy Saving Trust, said: “The research shows that living in cold, draughty and damp homes is a big motivator for people to take action and that renewable technology is the thing that most excites.

,“If UK households are considering making energy saving improvements to their home then now is the time to take action in preparation for the winter months and colder temperatures.”


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