Glaseksperten sets its sights on the UK market

Tom Evans, Glaseksperten's sales representative

Glaseksperten, a Danish glass manufacturer, believes that there is enormous potential in the UK market and has set its sights on reaching agreements with industrial customers.

Glaseksperten said it is now embarking on a targeted sales and marketing campaign to gain a foothold in the large UK market. Initially, the campaign will target England, Scotland and Wales, but the company believes that Ireland and Northern Ireland are also very relevant markets in the long term.

Siggi Strandeng, export manager at of Glaseksperten, said: “We see enormous potential in the UK market, which in the long term could become our biggest. We are very strong in the Nordic region and also experience great interest from German customers, but we have not made any effort to enter the UK market until now. Now we are changing all that, because the time is right for us.”

On visits to potential customers, architects and engineers, Siggi said he has seen a lot of interest in collaboration, and Glaseksperten has hired Tom Evans as a sales representative. Tom will be part of the team working with the new market.

In England, preferences in terms of glass types are often very different from those in the Nordic countries, the company said. Glaseksperten stated that it has the products that are in demand and other products that customers in the UK might not be so familiar with.

Tom added: “We clearly sense that potential partners are interested in all the products we have to offer and our being able to supply products that complement those already on the UK market opens doors for us in the market. We are competitive in terms of price, too.”

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