Global gathering

emmegiEmmegi (UK)’s head office in Coventry was the venue for the latest annual get together of Emmegi representatives from around the world.

Managing director, Ian Latimer and the UK team hosted a series of meetings for the group to share their global market experience and commercial expertise and to hear about new products coming soon from the machinery development team in Italy. It was also an opportunity for Emmegi’s management to present updates on the latest acquisitions made by the group, including Tekna Machinery.

Ian said:  “These regular events are a great opportunity to meet up with colleagues and to share different perspectives on how the market is progressing around the world. It was a really worthwhile two days and, as usual, I think we all learnt a lot from each other.”

As well as showing the group Emmegi (UK)’s warehouse and machinery showroom in Coventry during the visit, Ian and his team also showed them some of the local sights including Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford upon Avon and the nearby Warwick Castle and Coombe Abbey.

Ian added: “This was the first time we had hosted the get together and the feedback we had from all 20 members of the group was very positive. They were impressed by our set up here in Coventry and particularly by the pace of recovery in the UK and our current order levels and how well we are responding to that with additional staffing.”
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