JDUK and Lime BDS to mark five years of partnership


JDUK, a UK-based door systems specialist, has said it is looking forward to marking five years of its partnership with garage door specialist Lime BDS.

There were initial discussions about a potential partnership in early 2019. Upon reviewing the range on offer at JDUK and meeting with sales and marketing director Jason Wade, Lime BDS decided to make the company its supplier.

Oscar Saunders, business development manager at Lime BDS, said: “Jason had been coming to visit our showroom to discuss what JDUK could offer, and although we were initially reluctant to leave our other, more expensive and widely known suppliers, we were really impressed with his pitch and what JDUK had to offer. It wasn’t until Peter, our managing director, saw the products in use at the 2019 Fit Show and was so blown away by the quality and for the price it could be obtained for that we made the decision to switch.

“From that point we have never looked back, and we now sell more JDUK sectional and side-hinged garage doors than any other brand. Now, we’re providing customers with a quality of garage doors that is on par with the major brands, with a significant cost reduction, leaving them even more satisfied than before.”

Jason added: “Serving the industry for more than 40 years, Lime BDS are true industry experts who know what quality and value really mean in this sector. The products we supply at JDUK are of the highest standards available across the industry, so the team knew that what we had to offer would fit with Lime BDS’s values and ethos.

“Their customers are used to exceptional quality and value, so it has been reassuring to see how well they have received our products, and we’re really proud to have been able to provide that. I can’t say enough good things about our partnership with Lime BDS, and I can’t wait to find out what more we can achieve.”

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