Learn from the ‘sales guru’

cliftonReturning to the FIT Show for a second year as part of the FIT For Business seminar, ‘sales guru’, Paul Clifton, will once again be sharing his ‘wealth of knowledge and experience’ on how to enter the elite league of sales people able to convert more than 80% of their conservatory leads.

Claiming that once you get to a 50% conversion, you’ve got to un-acquire bad habits as a salesman in order to get to 70%, Paul said: “You’ve got to take on good habits to get to 50%, let go of bad habits to get to 70% and you need some ‘je ne sais quoi’ to get from 70% to 80%.”

With a heavily publicised conversion rate of over 80% himself, Paul’s the perfect man to reveal the tips, tricks and sales secrets of the industry to those interested in getting to that ‘upper echelon’ of salesmanship. 

Offering a snippet of what attendees of his FIT For Business seminar presentations can expect, Paul listed his 10 golden rules to selling:

• Selling is not telling
,• People love to buy but hate being sold to
,• People buy what it does, not what it is
,• Customers won’t pay more for what they don’t need or expect as standard
,• Most customers love a bargain but don’t believe in discounts
,• All selling techniques have a predictable success percentage
,• Customers buy anecdotes, analogies and sound bites
,• To become a master you must first learn how to be a good salesman and then you must learn how not to be a salesman
,• Sales mastery is a refined study of the obvious
,• Amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong

Commenting on the FIT Show and its importance to the industry, the author of the book ‘What Master Salesmen Know That Average Salesmen Don’t’, added: “It’s important to get people together and the FIT Show is the perfect way to do that. Everyone comes together to look at new products and learn about different companies. Glassex disappeared during my time out of the industry and I know a lot of people missed it. I just think it’s important to bond and bring people together.”

See Paul Clifton’s presentation on ‘How to Convert 8 in Every 10 of Your Conservatory Leads’ at the FIT Show 2014 at the Telford International Centre on June 10, 11 and 12. Book your place at www.fitshow.co.uk

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