Looking forward with optimism

Business Micros is reporting half-year sales figures up 40% on the same period last year.  This comes just three months after the company reported its highest quarterly sales figures since 2004.

The company says it now has almost 1,200 PVC-U manufacturers using its software, accounting for nearly three out of every four manufacturers in the UK.

Managing director, Graeme Bailey, said:  “Our success obviously reflects the fact that the industry is enjoying something of a boom at the moment, after so long struggling with the recession. I recognise that Business Micros only does well when the market is doing well and that’s certainly the case currently.

“Interestingly, the vast majority of our sales are coming from existing customers as they look to strengthen their partnerships with us and invest in more advanced software solutions which will give them the platform they need to expand.

“Our customers really do seem to be the businesses which are going places – we’re seeing major investments in our EvoNet business management software and in machine links as they add to their manufacturing capacity.”

Graeme added:  “There is no sign of the boom in sales tailing off, so we’re continuing to invest in employing and training the installation engineers and support technicians we need to maintain our service levels.

“We recruited two new technicians and a new support assistant recently and we restructured our 29-strong technical, sales support and installation team into a single technical resource, which has enabled us to become smarter and more responsive to customers.

“The first half of our financial year has been fantastic and we’re preparing for the next half with huge amounts of optimism.”


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