‘Overwhelmingly positive’

Full house at Deceuninck’s recent Customer DayDeceuninck is holding a series of Customer Days with its fabricators, the first of which took place in London and, most recently in Hampshire, with Deceuninck fabricator Connaught Windows.

More than 100 fabricators and installers attended the two events and more are planned in the coming months.

Roy Frost, Deceuninck’s UK managing director, explained: “Relationships are the most important things in business. Money can’t buy good chemistry and long-lasting relationships. It’s all about mutual respect and finding people who believe in you, your products or services. 

“It’s like creating an army to help you push a boulder up a hill. It’s much easier and more rewarding when everyone works together. You develop relationships with people who don’t just understand your particular expertise, product or service, but who are excited and buzzing about what you do. You stay connected with them and give them value, and they’ll tell others who can benefit your business. And that’s exactly what our Customer Days are all about.”

Linda Witczak, director of Connaught Windows said: “Customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Our longstanding customers said the day strongly reinforced their existing confidence in us as their supplier. It also had a significant impact on prospect customers’ future intentions. Many prospects told me they will swap their supplier in the near future and are looking forward to building long term relationships with us.”

If you’d like to attend a Deceuninck Customer Day in your area, call Carol Hearn on 01249 816969.

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