Pay as you go

FENSA Pay As You Go is a new surveillance process that enables companies to demonstrate Building Regulations compliance without individual operatives having to hold a minimum technical competency (MTC) card. It is designed for companies that infrequently install replacement windows and doors in domestic properties.

Instead of the original FENSA route to compliance through random inspections, FENSA Pay As You Go companies will have all jobs inspected (similar to going through Local Authority Building Control) and will have no need to hold an MTC Card, or provide mandatory insurance backed guarantees (IBGs).

FENSA Pay As You Go companies will still need to be ‘certified’ to demonstrate competence and undertake a document and procedures audit at an onsite certification inspection. The certification inspection will be repeated every three years.

“The introduction of requirements for individuals to hold an MTC card to prove their competence to MTCs and provide IBGs for self-certifying companies on the original FENSA scheme has introduced an extra level of administration that many companies who infrequently install are finding difficult to deal with,” explained FENSA managing director, Chris Mayne. “There seemed a need for a route to compliance which still came under the FENSA name, but omitted the need for operatives to hold MTC Cards or companies to provide IBGs. FENSA Pay As You Go is a direct alternative to the Local Authority Building Control compliance route and has been priced keenly to reflect this.”

Under FENSA Pay As You Go, all installations receive an inspection visit at a cost of £125 each (ex VAT) that includes the notification fee. FENSA will be discounting this charge to £100 for a limited period to encourage as much sign up as possible – and minimise potential black market activity.

Appropriate homeowner financial protection against Building Regulations non-compliance will be provided by FENSA through an independently managed fund – to which a contribution is made within the Pay As You Go fee.

Though FENSA Pay As You Go has been designed specifically for companies that infrequently install replacement glazing in domestic properties – it is in fact open to any installation company, whatever their size.

Companies can register interest in FENSA Pay As You Go by emailing

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