Premier Arches makes £100,000 machinery investment

Premier Arches

Premier Arches has invested over £100,000 in new machinery, funded by profits from the previous year.

At the start of this year, the company added a new copy router, a new four-head welder, two new ovens, additional saws and finishing tools. The company said that the investment will allow it to grow capacity while maintaining the high quality finish on bespoke arched and angled frames.

Joe Trueman, Premier Arches’ director, said: “We’ve seen significant growth in 2023, we’ve won tons of new customers, and our existing customers have grown. This increased demand was beginning to stretch our capacity in Q4 of 2023, but the £100K of new kit allows us to deal with the current volume of orders and opens up capacity, allowing us to fulfil our growth plans for 2024. We’re set up for a huge year.”

Sean Greenall, the company’s managing director, added: “At Premier Arches, we’ve always operated on three core principles – excellent manufacturing, clear and honest customer service, and a ‘make life easier’ offering for our customers. This significant investment into infrastructure and machinery has allowed us to continue operating on these principles, providing the best service possible to our customers as we continue to grow through 2024.

“This investment in infrastructure empowers us to not only meet, but exceed, the evolving needs of our customers. In a landscape where some may face a downturn, we remain steadfast in our growth, with investments like these continuing to propel us forward.

“Our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction remains unwavering, and we look forward to continually improving our services throughout the year.”

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