Recruitment drive

Rapid growth at Hurst has reportedly spurred a ‘major recruitment drive’ at the company. With several new customers said to be on board and increased production across door panels and composite doors, Hurst says it has already created four new roles within its customer service and sales order processing departments. As part of its strategy for planned growth, the firm adds that it will soon be recruiting additional factory and office staff to satisfy increased demand.

“This is proving to be another momentous year for Hurst,” said Mark Atkinson, sales director at Hurst Plastics. “Our OTIF performance over the last 12 months has been impressive despite production of door panels increasing by 50% and output of composite doors set to exceed 500 a week.

“We’re delighted with these strong figures and are really proud to have retained our record for maintaining consistently high levels of service despite this increase in business. As part of our planned growth strategy, we’ve strengthened our customer service and sales order processing teams to help sustain these service levels and we plan to recruit more new people in preparation for continued growth within the business.”

Hurst claims that the recruitment drive is part of its mission to be ‘the easiest business to work with’ by providing the best possible customer experience and making the process of buying, ordering and supplying high quality doors and door products as simple as possible.

The new members to the team are Estella Precious, Rob Lippiatt, Lianne Storey and Holli Hutchinson. According to Hurst, their appointments have made its customer service team one of the ‘biggest and most

Mark added: “It’s an exciting time for the business and, to support our growth, we are investing heavily in creating the right team. We are confident that we supply the best doors in the UK, but we know that it is equally important to support our customers with the best possible service. What defines our business is our people, who are all highly experienced and dedicated to supplying the finest quality doors, whilst building strong, loyal partnerships with our customers.

“Our four new starters are motivated to deliver a personalised service and create exciting opportunities for our customers and I’m looking forward to the next phase of development and growth within the business with them on board.”

Hurst’s recruitment programme follows a £650,000 investment in new machinery and delivery vehicles at the company, designed to boost its capabilities and continuously improve levels of quality, service and value. The customer service and order processing teams support Hurst’s external sales team, which is said to have successfully increased the firm’s customer base by some 20% this year.