Reg Richmond – an appreciation

orbitReg Richmond who spent his whole working life in the industry, died recently of a cancer related illness at the age of 68. He was one of those rare breed of time served tradesmen that always found solutions, not problems when tackling even the most complicated of glazing installations.

,After leaving school, Reg joined the family glazing firm, D W Price of Neasden in North West London. His indenture forms were signed by one of the Ide family (T and W Ide). It was whilst working here that he met his wife, Carol, as well as learning his craft. Price’s was eventually taken over by the Doulton Group.

,During his time at Doulton Glass, Reg was promoted to assistant glazing manager and eventually Aluminium Department manager, producing shopfronts and windows using the Glostal sections. At the time, the commercial manager of Glostal commented: “Reg is a pest, but he is the nicest pest I have ever known.” I suspect that comment was made because Reg was a stickler for detail in his determination in getting the job done correctly. He was also a very nice guy.

,He was always on hand to offer technical advice and help to anyone interested in matters glass and glazing. He was also great company in the Honeypot Pub, a place he and I were known to frequent occasionally.

,After Doulton closed their operations in Stanmore, he decided to branch out on his own and in the mid 1980s, he along with Carol, sons Steven and Christopher, relocated to Somerset. Not long after the move, he became a director of Somerton Windows, where he remained until he retired. Son Steven has continued to follow in his father’s footsteps and is now a director of the company.

,Reg undertook many prestigious projects as a specialist sub-contractor working for Allglass, T and W Ide, Rankin Glass and my company Mann McGowan. He was always a pleasure to deal with, and his attitude to get the job done with a minimum of fuss was always welcome.

,I thought writing this short piece would be cathartic, which it has been in part. However, to loose such a lovely man who was good and decent, only serves to underline how tragic his death is to his proud family and friends. My thoughts are with them.

,Kevin Hulin
,Managing Director Mann McGowan
,Chairman FRGG Glass and Glazing Federation

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