Replacement roof system shortlisted

ultraframeLivinROOF, the replacement roof system from Ultraframe has been shortlisted in the New Product of the Year category in this year’s G-Awards.

,Ultraframe is reportedly experiencing the fastest adoption of any of its new products over the last decade with LivinROOF, which was launched in June this year.

,According to Ultraframe, LivinROOF is the first replacement roof system on the market that can replace any roof on any style of glazed extension – even shallow pitch lean-to structures with gradients as little as 5º.

,Steve McIntyre, marketing director at Ultraframe, explained why this product has seen such rapid adoption: “In the last year alone, the market for replacement roofs has grown by a staggering 40% so it’s vital that we give our network partners the ultimate solution to serve this lucrative market.

,“We’ve spent a significant amount of time really understanding the needs and wants of consumers looking to upgrade their roof and all of that insight and knowledge is captured in LivinROOF. We’ve developed the first replacement solid roof with zero compromises in terms of thermal performance, aesthetics and ease of installation – we’re proud of LivinROOF but critically it will enable our network partners to deliver the ultimate replacement roof.”

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