Service uninterrupted

tradelinkFabricator Tradelink says it ‘proved the tangible benefits of implementing a thorough set of world class principles’ when service was uninterrupted despite its factories being hit by the recent flash floods.

“I only joined Tradelink a few months ago but a big part of my induction to the company was based on its world class manufacturing principles,” said Jon Tennant, manufacturing manager at Tradelink, “which came in handy when our facility in March, Cambridgeshire was flooded. As a true lean manufacturing company, Tradelink has disaster plans in place for all eventualities, which allows everyone to act fast, so when Cambridgeshire saw two inches of rainfall in just an hour, we were as prepared as we could be.

“A decision was quickly made to power down the factories as water was rising up around our welders and becoming a clear safety hazard. Then we had all hands on deck to clear up the water as quickly as possible before the end of the day, so we could allow the factory to completely dry out over the weekend. This kind of disruption would normally affect manufacturer and customer alike, but thanks to a clear plan and the quick actions of everyone involved, production resumed the next working day and no products were delayed as a result of the disruption to the factory. In fact most of our customers probably don’t even know we were flooded!”

The UK manufacturer of windows, doors, sealed units and conservatories also recently invested in excess of £50,000 in crucifix welding to further improve quality and efficiency across its profile range.

“Tradelink is fortunate that it has been able to continue to invest in the company during the tougher economic climate,” said Jim Moody, managing director. “But now the market is improving and our output growing, we need to adapt our factories to suit the latest production requirements. We invested in a welder on the recommendation of one of our production teams and within just six weeks, the investment had realised the payback benefits the team had highlighted, so a further two machines were ordered. This allowed us to offer the same quality enhancements and efficiencies across all of the profile systems we manufacture, including Rehau 706 chamfered, Rehau Edge and Kommerling C7O O70. “

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