‘Steady underlying growth’ for UK resi doors

amaA new AMA report reviewing the UK residential doors market has forecast ‘steady underlying growth’ into the medium-term, with the residential doors market expected to reach around £725m by 2017. However, this is still approximately 19% below 2007 levels.

According to the AMA report, the market for residential doors is reliant on the new housebuilding and home improvement sectors, so this slow recovery is based on current forecasts for new housebuilding completions and the likelihood that any increase in consumer confidence and spending is unlikely to have any reasonable impact until mid-2014 at the earliest.

Following significant decline in 2008/09, a ‘measure of stability’ is said to have returned from 2010-13, but with increasing pressures on manufacturer and supplier margins, with market value estimated at £607m in 2013. The lack of significant sustained growth in housing completions is said to have restricted value growth, while home improvement activity has remained relatively flat over recent years.

Composite materials are taking a growing share of the external door market in all sectors – private and public, new build and replacement – while bi-fold doors have become very popular as an alternative to traditional sliding or French doors.

In 2013, the market has been described as ‘steady’ but with some signs of improvement into the latter part of the year. Value growth has also been underpinned by legislation and standards requiring improved security, thermal and fire performance ratings, leading to rising specification of higher value products.

In addition, the trend for maximising natural light has resulted in a greater emphasis on glazing used both for entrance and internal doors. Internal doors dominate the mix in value terms in 2013, with an estimated 60% share, with entrance and patio doors accounting for the remaining 40%. This mix has remained relatively steady in recent years and reflects the relatively static nature of the market since 2010.

Replacements dominate the market mix, with private sector home improvements and social housing replacements estimated to account for a combined value share of 67% in 2013, representing an increase of 5% on 2007 figures. A key factor in the dominance of the replacement market is the price differentials between the new build and the replacement sectors, with bulk purchase for new build driving down average prices.

Future prospects, according to the report, are for ‘steady underlying growth’ to 2017, when the market is expected to reach around £725m. Factors likely to have a positive impact on volume and value growth include recovery in housebuilding completions, growing activity in the house moving market and trend for higher value replacements. All sectors of the residential door market are likely to benefit from the continuation of the current trend for maximising daylight, which is likely to promote an increase in the volume of glazed products specified for all product categories.

AMA Research’s ‘Residential Doors Market Report – UK 2013-2017’ is available in electronic format for £715 and can be ordered online at www.amaresearch.co.uk or by calling 01242 235724.


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