Sternfenster invests in photovoltaic panels

Sternfenster panels

Sternfenster has invested a further £400K in photovoltaic (PV) panels.

A statement said the new PV array is estimated to produce 490,000kWh per year, offsetting 115,000kg of carbon in the process.

Mike Parczuk, Sternfenster’s managing director, said: “This is a major investment for us, and it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. These new panels will join the PV array we already have in operation, and together they will produce around one third of all our electricity needs.

“To put our new investment into context, it is the equivalent of planting 11.5K trees, or driving 852,000 fewer miles per year in your average family saloon.”

Before the new solar panels were installed, Sternfenster measured its current impact on the environment. It found that: 100% of its manufacturing waste is recycled; 100% of post-consumer waste is recycled; 24% of its aluminium used is from recycled aluminium; 20% of our current fleet is electric; and it had made a 7% overall reduction in carbon emissions in 2022.

Mike added: “The key to a successful sustainability strategy is measurement. How can you determine how successful your investment in sustainability is if you don’t measure its effectiveness?”

The company has set itself a set of sustainability goals, which included a commitment to: reduce carbon emissions at all stages; completely move to energy efficient lighting and heating; work with sustainable supply partners; increase the use of green energy; increase the use of electric vehicles; promote energy saving products to reduce CO2; and help customers follow a similar sustainable journey.

Mike continued: “We also buy our powder coating material from 100% recycled suppliers. It’s vital that we don’t just look at the big-ticket flagship sustainability commitments, but everything that we do. All our decisions affect our impact on the planet, and it is that mentality that is driving our sustainability strategy.”

As a result, Sternfenster was shortlisted for the Sustainability Initiative of the Year category at the G-23 Awards, in recognition of its ongoing comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Mike said: “Being sustainable is crucial for the success and longevity of Sternfenster and Starglaze. By adopting sustainable practices, we can save costs, build a positive brand reputation, comply with regulations, attract and retain employees, and future-proof our operations. And we are determined to take our suppliers and customers with us.”

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