Sternfenster launches Alitherm 400 casement window

Sternfenster Alitherm

Sternfenster has launched its new Alitherm 400 casement window, which achieves a Window Energy Rating of A with a double-glazed unit, making it compliant with Building Regulations for refurbishment projects.

According to Sternfenster, the Alitherm 400 can achieve a U-value of 1.2W/m2K with a triple glazed unit (with a centre-pane U-value of 0.8W/m2K).

The 70mm thermally broken aluminium window has passed: BS EN 1026 (air permeability); BS EN 1027 (water tightness); and BS EN 12211 (wind resistance). It also comes with a flush sash option and can meet PAS24 or Secured By Design requirements due to optional sash claw locks.

Nathan Court, Sternfenster’s sales director, said: “Since 2017, when we invested in our new aluminium facility in Lincoln, we have been a leading fabricator of aluminium windows and doors. Importantly, we applied modern PVC-U fabrication techniques to aluminium window production, giving our customers access to a valuable market, but at a competitive price point and far shorter lead times than traditional alternatives.

“Partnering with Smarts to manufacture their Alitherm 300 window was a key part of this strategy, and the new Alitherm 400 window continues our journey of creating new opportunities for window retail businesses.”

The company said that the new Alitherm 400 window comes with Sternfenster’s new QUICKglaze knock-in glazing bead with co-extruded gaskets, which helps reduce time spent on site because less time is spent hunting for parts.

The Alitherm 400 casement window comes with additional features including dual colour options, trickle vents, triple glazing up to 38.8mm and mega egress hinges if the window needs to offer a fire escape route.

Nathan added: “The Alitherm 400 window was designed to be a modern standard window that will appeal to most homeowners in most situations, offering profitable opportunities for window companies in the process. But the final sale often comes down to individual choice, and that is where our new window shines.

“Top of this list are the flash sash option, PAS24/Secured By Design compliance and dual colour. These are comfortably met by the Alitherm 400, making it the ideal aluminium window option for window companies to have in their portfolio.

“And we support our customers by giving them full visibility of the process via Sternfenster-Plus (SF+) and EasyAdmin.”

EasyAdmin allows businesses to produce professional quotes quickly for homeowners, a statement said. It also allows window installation companies to have complete oversight of their profit and loss, it cited. This information is updated daily.

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