‘Stubborn minority’ risk expulsion over IBGs

fensaFENSA reports that while the majority of its registered businesses have ‘embraced’ mandatory insurance backed guarantees (IBGs), there is a ‘stubborn minority’ of installers that have yet to provide it with details of their chosen IBG provider and therefore currently cannot self-certify.

,The consequences for these installers are ‘stark’ according to FENSA, which will expel an installer that does not issue (or pay for) an IBG policy for each job notified.  Such installers will also be unable to register with another glazing competent persons scheme, as they are in breach of FENSA rules.

,“There is no hiding place for installers ducking out of IBGs,” said FENSA managing director Chris Mayne. “Because the system is computerised we can immediately see which installers do not have an IBG supplier in place. They will be expelled from FENSA.”

,The IBG system, set up by FENSA and its Approved Insurance Providers, allows automatic notification of installations from FENSA to the insurance company, automatic issuing of the IBG policies direct from the insurance company to the homeowner and billing direct from the insurance company to the installer. According to FENSA, this system is ‘working well’.

,FENSA rules state: ‘To provide each customer (other than a local authority or housing association) with an insurance backed guarantee policy (conforming to requirements laid down from time to time by FENSA) to provide cover to the customer should the Registered Business, for whatever reason, cease to trade.’

,Chris Mayne added: “We have a duty to those FENSA registered businesses that are playing by the rules. We cannot allow those installers that break or ignore the scheme rules to carry on as usual. We will initiate the process to expel these installers.”

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