Successful first year for Skyroom


Atlas Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions has announced a successful first year since the launch of its Skyroom contemporary mock orangery.

According to Atlas, production of the Skyroom has more than doubled in the last six months. This year, more than 20 installers invested in a Skyroom demonstration model for their showrooms and it is claimed that they have all generated business as a result.

Gareth Thomas, sales and marketing director at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, explains: “It’s been a fantastic first year for the Skyroom. The secret to the Skyroom’s realistic orangery appearance is its dummy ringbeam system, which creates the appearance internally of a real orangery. Customers like the 300mm deep contemporary aluminium cornice, which replicates the appearance of an ultra-slim framed orangery lantern sitting on a solid flat roof externally. As soon as a customer enters a showroom with a Skyroom, they are impressed with its unique modern appearance. Seeing the signature internal aesthetics of the Atlas lantern makes it easy to demonstrate the 70% slimmer profile and the fact that it has no chunky hood or boss and no low rod bar. It’s virtually an instant sale!”

“One of the biggest advantages for retailers however is the enormous profit potential of the Skyroom. Retailers can achieve a higher sales value on a Skyroom installation because the product has a far more realistic orangery appearance than other mock orangery systems on the market. In essence, the Skyroom delivers a greater profit per installation than its rivals. In a declining PVC-u conservatory market, this new breed of orangery roof design offers an alternative source of revenue for installers, and will help them to tap in to longer term, lucrative business.”

Gareth added: “We are looking forward to an even more exciting year next year and I’m certain that the Skyroom will be in high demand as nearly 40% of homeowners plan to update their homes. With housing market reports showing that the market is still slow, homeowners can add significant value by investing in their current homes, rather than moving. And with record low rates on borrowing, home improvements can be a cost-effective way to boost value to a property in the long-term. One of the top UK home improvement projects is a large, family-friendly kitchen extension, which can add between 5 and 10% to the value of a property. The Skyroom lends itself well to these schemes which combine open living spaces and acres of glass to blend with the garden.”

Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions is part of the £32 million turnover Customade Group.

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