Super Spacer and Sedak set a new standard

sedak insulating glass lineEdgetech and Sedak, a Germany based glass manufacturer, claim to have broken boundaries for large format insulating glass unit (IGU) production with Sedak’s large-scale fully automated line, utilising Edgetech’s Super Spacer T-Spacer warm-edge technology.

With ‘cutting-edge’ production techniques, Sedak enables groundbreaking architectural designs that require large scale, high performance glass to come to life successfully and efficiently. The line, completed in 2015, has significantly enhanced productivity and has allowed sedak to go beyond the limits of what was previously physically and technologically possible for specialty architectural projects.

The enormous units produced, up to 15m in length, come with significant challenges for transportation along the line, particularly when it comes to the application of spacers. For its ‘flexibility, performance and aesthetic benefits’, Sedak uses Super Spacer T-Spacer for large format IGUs. With its superior durability, Edgetech claims to effectively eliminate the potential for thermal stress drops along the edge seal and minimise tension on the edge sealant. The spacer’s discreet appearance, along with the robotic precision of Sedak’s manufacturing process, guarantees flawless edges without unsightly transitions or joints, contributing to Sedak’s trademark transparent aesthetics.

The Super Spacer T-Spacer triple-seal system meets the most stringent commercial requirements, including Silicone Structural Glazing (SSG), enabling Sedak to deliver the highest level of IGU performance no matter the design demands. As Sedak continues to serve forward thinking architecture and design products with superior insulating glass, Edgetech’s Super Spacer T-Spacer will continue to be a critical part of the manufacturing process, boosting efficiency and performance without sacrificing aesthetics.

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